My name is Marie Lundin, and I run "Salongen för hår & själ". My authorized education is a four year long grammar school, wish gives the opportunity to fulfill an apprentice diploma. Today I have more than ten years professional experience, and I have worked at big barbershops in Umeå, Stockholm and Sundsvall. Both with traditional hairdressing and commercial and movies as well, party hairstyles and wigs.

I like my choice of career, and I always want to expand both as a person and a barber. Therefore I make sure to continue my education as a barber. My goal is always that You as a customer will feel welcome and pleased with Your visit and your hair, when You have been at Salongen. My language knowledge is narrow, but use to be all right. I hope You dare to try my knowledge.

You are very welcome til Salongen!

The opening times are flexible after Your desire. Different every week for perfect completing both You and me. Early morning, late evening, small and big, ladies and gentlemen...

Book a reservation at 0622-102 02. If you don't get an answer, leave your name and number and I will give You a call. Or visit us at Lärkvägen 2B in Näsåker.



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